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Simpsons Characters

Welcome to the Simpsons character page. Here you will find links to 35 pages devoted to specific Simpsons characters as well as over 350 character sounds!

Character Pages

Homer Simpson Bart Simpson Marge Simpson Lisa Simpson
Maggie Simpson Abraham Simpson Patty & Selma Bouvier Ralph Wiggum
Chief Clancy Wiggum Barney Gumble Moe Szyslak Ned Flanders
Troy McClure Bumblebee Man Apu Nahasapeemapetilon Groundskeeper Willie
Nelson Muntz Principal Skinner Montgomery Burns Waylon Smithers
Cletus the Slackjawed Yokel Krusty the Clown Itchy & Scratchy Kent Brockman
Comic Book Guy Professor Frink Captain McAllister Milhouse Van Houten
Dr. Julius Hibbert Dr. Nick Riviera Hans Moleman Sideshow Bob
Lenny Leonard Carl Carlson Mayor Quimby Yes Guy
Other Characters

Springfield Elementary School

Jimbo Jones Kearney Dolph Janey
Superintendent Chalmers Edna Krabappel Otto Leopold
Miss Hoover Dewey Largo Lunchlady Doris Todd & Rod Flanders
Martin Prince Sherri & Terri Uter Wendell
Lewis Database

Bill & Marty of KBBL Sideshow Mel Roger Meyers Ranier Wolfcastle
Arnie Pie Corporal Punishment
Springfield Retirement Castle

Jasper Mrs. Glick Crazy Old Man
Legal Matters

Lou and Eddie Lionel Hutz Judge Snyder Lawyer

Snake Fat Tony Legs Louie
Family Relatives

Grandma Bouvier Herbert Powell Mona Simpson
Rest in Peace

Maude Flanders Bleeding Gums Murphy Dr. Marvin Monroe Frank Grimes
Other Characters

Reverend Lovejoy Helen Lovejoy Kang & Kodos Duffman
Disco Stu Brandine Luigi Pimple-faced teenager
Kirk Van Houten Luanne Van Houten Agnes Skinner Herman
Santa's Little Helper Manjula Nahasapeemapetilon Gil Artie Ziff
Akira Jebediah Springfield Dreaderick Tatum Lance Murdoch
Larry & Sam Snowball II Mrs. Hibbert Miss Albright
Baby Gerald Ruth Powers Sanjay Lindsay Neagle

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