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Hans Moleman

Voiced by Dan Castellaneta

Hans' brushes with death:

Originally maintained by Dave Hall
Currently in the hands of Jordan Eisenberg
  • Homer's Triple Bypass: While transporting Poe's house, Homer run him off the road and his truck bursts into flames
  • Lisa's Rival: He crashes a truck full of sugar
  • Itchy and Scratchy Land: Present at the bird sanctuary during birds attack
  • Treehouse of Horror IV: Crashes his AMC Gremlin into a tree and bursts into flames
  • Bart of Darkness: Catches fire due to his eyeglasses acting as a magnifying glass under the intense sun
  • The Springfield Connection: Sent to the electric chair
  • Mother Simpson: Buried alive at the cemetery because he didn't want to put up a fuss
  • Team Homer: Mr. Burns sends a drill through his brains in an attempt to get his lucky charms
  • The Springfield Files: Left behind an X-ray machine as Dr. Hibbert leaves for the weekend
  • Bart After Dark: Made to hold onto a flaming arrow longer than expected
  • The Twisted World of Marge Simpson: His restaurant is invaded by the Mafia
  • My Sister, My Sitter: His car is stuck in the wall of Planet Hype
  • Dumbbell Indemnity: Knocked out by Homer with a book titled how to tunnel out of prison
  • The Joy of Sect: Suffocated by a giant bubble ala "The Prisoner"
  • Homer Simpson in "Kidney Trouble": Narrowly avoids a collision with Homer when he runs in front of Hans' truck
  • Guess Who's Coming to Criticize Dinner: Homer throws a poisonous pastry at Hans, which explodes upon contact
  • Children of a Lesser Clod: The morgue confuses Hans with the dead body of Marge's Uncle Lou
  • Simpsons Tall Tales: A Hans-like character in a hobo's tale drowns in quicksand

Other Moleman Sounds:

  • You call that a knife?
  • Hello, this is Moleman in the Morning
  • The eating of an orange is a lot like a good marriage
  • Drinking has ruined my life
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