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Yes Guy

Occupation: Sales clerk at Costington's, waiter, ice cream man, death row worker
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Yes Guy Sounds:

From Wikipedia:

The "Yes" guy is a character known for saying "Ye-e-e-es?" in a rising inflection, and appears to be highly eccentric in both his speech and appearance. He has appeared several times working with several jobs: waiter, employee at Costington's, Death Row worker, and ice cream man. Apparently, his name is Raoul, but he was once referred to by Homer Simpson as "that jerk that goes 'Ye-e-e-es?'" in "Marge vs. Singles, Seniors, Childless Couples and Teens, and Gays", and has explained he speaks this way because of a "Strooooooke." He was inspired by Frank Nelson of The Jack Benny Show and later Sanford and Son, whose trademark greeting in all his characters was a long drawn- out "yeeeeesss?" Nelson's character always seemed to inexplicably be working wherever Benny or Fred Sanford patronized, and his Simpsonian counterpart is equally omnipresent. There was also a Brazilian version seen, uttering a Portuguese variation of the catchphrase ("Si-i-i-i-im" - which is Portuguese for yes). He can be described physically as a rather squat, stocky man with a mustache and a possible comb-over of black hair.

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