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Homer J. Simpson
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Occupation: Safety Inspector at Springfield Nuclear Power Plant
Age: 38
Wife: Marge
Children: Bart, Lisa, Maggie
Parents: Abraham and Mona
Brother: Herbert Powell
Voiced by Dan Castellaneta

Homer's Lifelong Dreams:

  • manage a beautiful country singer
  • eat the world's biggest hoagie
  • live in the woods and keep a journal of his thoughts
  • be a monorail conductor
  • run out on a baseball field during a game
  • be a blackjack dealer
  • appear on "The Gong Show"
  • work in a bowling alley
  • gain weight so he can work at home
  • own the Dallas Cowboys
Homer's mms:
  • barbecue
  • beer
  • boobies
  • burger
  • chicken
  • chocolate
  • invisible cola
  • organized crime
  • cookie things
  • horse doobers
  • fattening
  • urinal fresh
  • unprocessed fish sticks
  • forbidden donut
  • fuzzy
  • free goo
  • incapacitating
  • sacrilicious
  • shrimp
  • 64 slices
  • slanty
  • something
  • spaghetti
  • Other Homer Sounds:
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