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Simpsons Holiday products

Simpsons Homer Duff Stocking
This stocking will definitely stand out from the rest! It is in the shape of Homer Simpson holding a large can of Duff beer. The top of the can can be pulled back to reveal the goodies hidden inside the stocking.
Simpsons Satin Christmas Boxer Shorts
Dont' have a cow, man, it's Christmas in Springfield! Celebrate with a pair of satin boxer shorts featuring Bart saying, "Ho ho ho, man!"
NOTE: This product is no longer being manufactured, so when they sell the last of these, they're gone for good!
Simpsons Homer Wooden Nutcracker
Homer Simpson, head of the family, the big boss! He and the rest of his Springfield famiglia grace these cotton t-shirt fabric boxers. White fabric on front, black fabric on back.
Simpsons Homer Light Set
Let Homer's glowing face brighten up your home. Two unique expressions are featured from a smile to a DOH! The heads are nearly 3 inches in diameter. Each strand of lights is 10 feet in length and contains 10 lights.
Simpsons Holiday Light Set
Deck the halls with Simpsons holiday lights! Perfect for indoor or outdoor use, these lights feature Homer and Bart dressed up for the Christmas season. Each strand of lights is 10 feet in length and contains 10 lights, 5 Bart & 5 Homer.
The Simpsons Christmas Special
It's Christmas at the Simpsons' household but no one is jolly. Homer doesn't have the heart to tell Marge that Scroogey boss Mr. Burns isn't giving out Christmas bonuses this year. Marge, on the other hand, is counting on the bonus because she's spent all the Christmas money getting a tattoo removed from Bart's arm. So Homer has to go to work as a department-store Santa. An early episode with less sophisticated humor and animation, it still offers a number of laughs, plus the story of where the Simpsons got their dog, Santa's Little Helper.

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